Groups & Teambuilding

​We regularly cater for larger groups
including schools & colleges.

We’ve even had the army scaling our walls, so there's no upper limit to group size.

Although you can just walk in off the street and climb; for larger groups, we prefer you to give us advance notice so we can provide appropriate staffing levels to make your visit run smoothly.

School Groups

Extreme Edge and ClimbZone are great places to bring your class or a year level (make sure you inquire about group size availability) for an end of term or end of year trip, or to get to know each other at the start of the year (term 1 is especially popular with boarding houses).

We operate a highly successful school climbing programme for intermediate and high school aged climbers which includes climbing technique, improving skills and learning about safety aspects of climbing and belaying. Belay certificates can be earned and progression to lead climbing is available.

Team Building

Extreme Edge Hamilton can provide the perfect team building experience for your organisation. Our team building events help work colleagues develop trust, coordination, self-confidence, balance, fitness and movement. What better way to build a team than by helping people connect and communicate better with each other in a fun and dynamic way.

If you would like us to design and run a team building event specifically for your organisation, please contact us on: (07) 847 5858.

Amazing Races!

If you’re organising an amazing race style activity for a group, consider adding Extreme Edge into the day. Our staff can put clues at the top of a climb for your teams to retrieve, or hand them to climbers after conquering a wall. Costs per team can be as low as $4 (each climber pays $4 to do 1 climb). We have walls for all abilities so climbers can be aged 4yrs+.

We are generally not open in the mornings during the week so make it one of the last activities in your race - and remember we cannot allow persons under the influence of any alcohol to climb or belay for safety reasons.

Give us a call on: (07) 847 5858 to find out more. Bookings are essential.

Larger Group or Kid's Party?

If you are a small group just come in during our opening times or book in below.


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