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Kids indoor rock climbing in Panmure, Auckland

Extreme Edge Panmure is the perfect indoor 'playground' for kids of all ages.

From scaling our colourful ClimbZone walls to exploring the wonders of Adventure Land, entertainment and fun for the whole family is what we're about!

Shoes are required when climbing the regular Extreme Edge walls (standard trainers are best).

For your safety, we recommend removing hooded tops & jewellery such as necklaces & rings.

Children under 16 years of age must be actively supervised by an adult.

The minimum age for belaying is 14 years.

Our friendly climbing instructors are always on-hand to assist.

Rock Hoppers Classes - Panmure

For kids who have been bitten by the climbing bug we have our Rock Hoppers classes. The aim of our Rock Hoppers program is to teach children the skills required to lead climb indoors safely and to fulfill their climbing potential.

Rock Hoppers              Thursday -  4:30pm-6pm

Cost - $215 per term including 10 session pass

          - $110 per term if you have a membership

This class is suited to young climbers who have shown a keen interest in the sport. Prospective students should be able to comfortably climb to the top of the top-rope walls.  To enrol in the class each child needs to have an adult who is available every lesson and is already proficient at belaying.

Topics covered in this class are: Climbing Safety, Basic Climbing Technique, Top-Rope Belaying, Climbing Styles, Lead Climbing Basics.

Super Hoppers            Tuesdays -  4:30pm-6pm          

Cost - $235 per term including 10 session pass                                                                                                                    - $120 per term if you have a membership

This class is for climbers who have progressed through Rock Hoppers and are deemed proficient enough in their skills to join the Super Hoppers group. Their suitability will be determined by an assessment.

The focus of the Super Hoppers class is improvement of individual climbing ability and knowledge. There is also the opportunity to compete in local competitions as part of an Extreme Edge team.

Lead Climbing Night             Thursdays   6pm-8pm            

Cost - $215 per term including 10 session pass

          - $110 per term if you have a membership

On this night any Hopper who is a confident lead climber is free to come along. This is an opportunity for Super Hoppers to get another night of training.

For all enquires please call Extreme Edge today

Phone (09) 574 5677
or Email us now

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